Posted by SongbookStation store vendor newsletter on Aug 2nd 2016

A Summertime "To Do List" for the Birds

Not only are you supporting our wild birds, you're getting a front row seat to see birds at their best - and it's easy!

1. Worried about mosquitoes?If you're worried about mosquitoes, here are reasons why a well-maintained bird bath won't breed mosquitoes:
  • Birds eat mosquito larvae! No self-respecting bird will leave this tasty treat behind.
  • Mosquito larvae takes minimum 7-10 days to hatch. As a conscientious host, during that time you will have freshened the water several times.
  • Mosquito larvae tubers will drown due to the frenzied, bathing activity of your guests and the timely refilling and freshening you do.
  • If after filling and freshening, you're still concerned about mosquitoes, add motion to your bird bath with a water wiggler, mister or dripper. Mosquitoes will hate it, but the birds will love it