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Bet you didn't know these Manatee Facts

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Manatee Awareness Day

Having a lifespan of about 60 years, manatees are calm herbivores with no known natural enemies that spend most of their time eating, sleeping and traveling. These spectacular mammals have their day of honor each year on the last Wednesday in March, as people across the country celebrate Manatee Appreciation DayManatee Appreciation Day events usually take place in [...]

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People inadvertently put cranes in harm's way when they attract these birds with feed.

Monica Folk, former Conservancy program coordinator at The Disney Wilderness Preserve, and her husband, Marty Folk, a biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, reply:Sandhill cranes are cherished members of the Florida ecosystem. They stand almost four feet tall and their bugling or rattling calls are haunting and beautiful. Sandhill cranes are found [...]

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A Summertime "To Do List" for the Birds

Not only are you supporting our wild birds, you're getting a front row seat to see birds at their best - and it's easy!1. Worried about mosquitoes?If you're worried about mosquitoes, here are reasons why a well-maintained bird bath won't breed mosquitoes: Birds eat mosquito larvae! No self-respecting bird will leave this tasty treat [...]

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Purple Martin and the Control of Fire ants?

The fire ant is an introduced, exotic pest species in the U.S. Colonies in the southern states which are responsible for inflicting painful bites on humans and fatal attacks on native wildlife, including cavity-nesting birds. But Purple Martins have turned the tables on fire ants by targeting the flying queens. Turns out they are an abundant, nutrient-dense food [...]

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UPS & FedEx Price Increases

What You Need to Know About UPS & FedEx Price Increases in 2015by Naruby SchlenkerJanuary 5, 2015Did you know that UPS and FedEx are revising their pricing for ground delivery for 2015? Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening to make sure you are prepared for the change.First, lets understand the concept of dimensional [...]

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Did you know there was a Nature Store in Crystal River

Welcome to your blog!Local shoppers guide…can be found at the All About Nature Store in the Heritage Village on Citrus Avenue in Crystal River and in the Thronebrook Village in Gainsville. It’s no secret this store offers one of the hottest unique products design with the nature coast in mind. This store continuously top the [...]

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