6 # (1/2 gal.) Local Honey

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Orange Blossom Honey 6# (1/2 gal) Jug

Orange Blossom Honey, with it’s unique flavor, is ideal as table honey. It is a Central Florida classic; wonderful on biscuits, pancakes, waffles, and in hot teas. Honey Baked Ham is also on the list of favorite Orange Blossom Honey recipes. Orange Blossom Honey has a bold, fresh flavor that will shine through and we recommend using this honey in recipes which the end result is a significant honey taste.


Wildflower Honey  6# (1/2 gal) Jug

Wildflower Honey is bolder with a hearty flavor and can be used as a baking and cooking honey as well as a table honey with a more robust taste. Try it in coffee and tea, on biscuits and bread, and in recipes as a sugar/sweetener substitute. Wildflower Honey’s predominant source is wildflowers, from all across Florida. Available now at the ALL ABOUT NATURE STORE for in-store pickup only 10 am - 4 pm.  (Sorry, we do not ship honey)